SLOVAK REAL ESTATE AGENCY is a member of the largest association of real estate agencies and brokers in Slovakia – REAL ESTATE UNION of Slovakia. Responsibility, many years of experience, a team of experts and a network of cooperating real estate agencies across Slovakia are the guarantee of successful transactions and satisfaction of our clients.


What price to set and how to deal with the whole process? Our sophisticated sales strategy will guarantee you the best price and a secure real estate transaction.

4 sales phases:

Phase 4 THE SALE 

A quick sale of a property may not always be associated with a sale at a lower price. It is only possible to sell in a short period of time and at a reasonable price if the whole team is prepared for it.

3 fast sales targets:

▪ speed of trade execution
▪ selling at the best price
▪ safe course of the whole deal

No one can be forced to remain in co-ownership (Civil Code). If you are not interested in being a co-owner of a shared property, whether for objective or subjective reasons, we know ways to resolve this situation.

Offer us your co-ownership share. Selling your share will save you time and money.

You are not only buying a new home, you are buying your future too. One of the most important and largest financial transactions in a person’s life is a challenging process that takes time, knowledge of the real estate market, experience and the ability to recognize risk. Take advantage of our personal buyer’s agent service. We’ll do everything for you except signing off on the purchase contract.

Open the doors of your property to a hassle-free tenant. How to find him? What do you need to check to make sure you get a regular monthly payment while keeping your property safe? Entrust the entire rental process to our real estate team. You will save time and get rid of unnecessary risks.

What we will do for you:

▪ prepare the property for rent
▪ take professional photos or video
▪ preparation of the rental advertisement
▪ publish on real estate portals
▪ set up online advertising
▪ property inspections
▪ regular updates on the progress of the deal
▪ prepare the lease agreement
▪ hand over the property to the tenant

Inflation cuts as much as 10% from savings each year. Investing in property is one of the safest ways of preserving the value of money over the long term. However, not every property is suitable as an investment. Pitfalls abound in the property market and an inexperienced investor can easily overspend.

Why become a real estate investor with us:

▪ respected analytical team
▪ elite brokers
▪ cooperation with first-class specialists
▪ attorney supervision
▪ cooperation between members of the Real Estate Union of Slovakia

Determining the right price for a property is one of the most important steps in the strategic sale of a property. Of the sophisticated electronic tools, the most common is the so-called CMA analysis (Comparative Market Analysis), which compares current market prices and compiles various reports. To this we add a precisely identified market trend and the broker’s personal wealth of experience. Upon the client’s request, we can also prepare a professional valuation of the property, applicable not only in the sale, but also in court or inheritance proceedings.

We will advise you:

▪ at what price it is possible to sell your property
▪ what to do to sell your property for the highest price
▪ how long it will take to sell your property
▪ when and how to present your property on the market

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